First and foremost, I just want to thank YOU for visiting my website and wanting to learn more about how you and I can work together for a common goal: making money helping family, friends and past clients to move to the Sunshine State Florida. 

To introduce myself, my name is Jane Pietroni and I sell real estate in South Florida, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. We are one of the hottest areas of the country for retirement and winter getaways.

I used to sell real estate in New Jersey for 15 years and I was fortunate to be surrounded by great real estate mentors where I achieved many awards being on the top 5% real estate agents for the State for many years. 
I moved to Florida in 2016 once I had my first child because I wanted to look for a better weather and to raise my son near beaches. Here at the Sunshine State I continued with my career selling real estate at the highest level joining Balistreri Real Estate.

Balistreri Real Estate, my brokerage, is the largest and fastest growing broker in South Florida East Coast. It is a family owned brokerage being in the area since 1964! At Balistreri, we are passionate about delivering exceptional customer experience. We have several offices in our area and we keep growing. I am very proud to be with this firm and you can check us out at

SO... what does this mean to you?
The biggest worry every agent has when it comes to referring clients is to find another agent that you could trust and do the same excellent job you do for your clients even if you were not there.
Believe me... I know exactly how you feel and I am here to be this agent you can know, trust and refer with confidence.

I am a full time seasoned agent being trained by incredible coaches such as Mike Ferry Organization, Sweathogs, and Brian Buffini. I have 5 stars on Zillow and you can definitely reach out to my Broker at Terra Realtors Cranford NJ for references.
I promise to provide your clients with the same professionalism, resourcefulness and dedication that I have delivered for the past 19 years in my real estate career. 

At this point I would like to discuss this opportunity with you and develop a mutually beneficial business relationship while we earn some money together. 

Would you be open to a quick conversation today so I can tell you about this 30% referral fee I am offering?

Yes Jane, I’m interested let’s connect >>

Jane Pietroni
Real Estate Consultant 

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