Here is your WEEKLY MARKET UPDATE for INDEPENDENCE BAY - Deerfield Beach.

Last week of January, 2021


Highest Sold price for Single Family in the last 6 months: $350,000

Highest Sold price for Villas in the last 6 months: $284,000

Highest Sold price for Condos in the last 6 months: $232,000

Lowest Sold price for Single family in the last 6 months: $315,000

Lowest Sold price for Villas in the last 6 months: $236,500

Lowest Sold price for Condos in the last 6 months: $175,000

Average Sale price for
Single Family: $333,000 taking an average of 17 Days to sale.
Average Sale Price for Villas : $255,000 taking an average 25 Days to sale. 

Average Sale Price for Condos: $196,500 taking an average 40 Days to sale.

We have 16 "on going" sales right now so keep watching my weekly marketing update because next week all numbers might be different from this week.

StatusAddressLP$#Beds#FB#HBSqFt LATYPE#GARPoolWTRFRListing DateSP$ADOM
Active for Sale44 Columbia Ct$344,9003201,490Single1NoYes12/04/202060
Back up Offers37 Columbia Ct$399,9993201,551Single1NoYes01/11/202122
Back up Offers3 Capitol Court$399,9002201,375Single1YesYes01/18/20212
Back up Offers32 Columbia Ct$359,5003211,619Single1NoYes08/13/2020111
Back up Offers2701 Congressional Way Unit#2701$254,9002201,130Condo0Yes12/11/20205
Back up Offers808 Congressional Way$229,9002201,150Condo0NoYes10/31/202067
Back up Offers810 Republic Court Unit#***$214,9002201,350Condo0NoYes09/24/2020125
Back up Offers508 Lincoln Court Unit#0$199,0002201,180Condo0NoYes12/30/202016
Back up Offers1511 Congressional Way Unit#1511$194,5002201,300Condo0No01/19/202114
Back up Offers1104 Republic Ct Unit#1104$189,9002201,100Condo0Yes10/30/202089
Back up Offers1004 Congressional Way Unit#--$174,9002201,150Condo0NoNo01/23/2020197
Closed Sale39 Columbia Ct$359,0003201,551Single1NoYes09/04/2020$350,0000
Closed Sale17 Columbia Court$350,0003201,603Single1NoNo10/14/2020$348,00010
Closed Sale26 Columbia Ct$349,9003201,442Single1YesYes06/24/2020$336,00055
Closed Sale38 Columbia Court$334,9003211,619Single1NoYes07/17/2020$334,9005
Closed Sale15 Capitol Ct$329,9003201,375Single1NoYes09/16/2020$320,00023
Closed Sale28 Columbia Court$323,0003201,337Single1NoYes09/23/2020$315,0007
Closed Sale131 Centennial Ct Unit#131$279,0003201,539Villa0Yes08/20/2020$284,00028
Closed Sale13 Independence Ct$265,0002201,225Villa0Yes09/24/2020$250,00023
Closed Sale34 Centennial Ct$229,9002201,357Villa0No09/17/2020$236,50014
Closed Sale110 Liberty Ct Unit#110$224,4002201,150Condo0Yes09/25/2020$232,00011
Closed Sale805 Congressional Way Unit#805$215,0002201,150Condo0Yes01/15/2020$202,500205
Closed Sale612 Freedom Court$214,9993201,300Condo0NoNo03/06/2020$215,00072
Closed Sale112 Freedom Court$200,0003201,300Condo0NoYes01/15/2020$198,000173
Closed Sale1108 Republic Court Unit#1108$199,9002201,100Condo0NoYes10/22/2020$196,0004
Closed Sale609 Lincoln Ct Unit#609$199,0002201,150Condo0Yes11/19/2020$195,00040
Closed Sale2705 Congressional Way Unit#0$197,5002201,050Condo0Yes10/11/2020$191,00021
Closed Sale1405 Congressional Way$190,0002201,150Townhouse0No07/28/2020$190,00039
Closed Sale2611 Congressional Way$179,9002201,130Condo0NoNo10/07/2020$175,00013
Pending Sale3003 Congressional Way Unit#---$214,9002201,150Condo0NoNo12/10/202021
Pending Sale408 Liberty Ct Unit#408$194,0002201,150Condo1Yes08/19/202079
Pending Sale107 LIBERTY CT Unit#107$187,0002201,150Condo0Yes09/29/202085
Pending Sale307 Freedom Court Unit#307$169,9002201,150Condo0NoYes01/15/202080
Pending Sale2904 Congressional Way$168,9002201,050Condo0NoYes06/25/20206
Pending Sale2010 Congressional Way$154,5002201,050Townhouse0NoNo03/30/2020248

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